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Terms & Conditions


Unfortunatly, there are no guarantees with wood bats, but the better you take care of your bat, the longer it will last. Due to the nature of wood baseball bats, The Gap to Gap Bat Company cannot guarantee or provide a warranty with the bats. Since each bat is custom made, orders cannot be canceled or modified once placed. In addition, we do not offer refunds on our custom baseball bats.

Proper Care

To avoid any unnecessary damage, it is important to properly care for your bat. Throwing your bat even on grass or dirt, the repetitive impact can cause chips, cracks or splits which can get worse over time. It is best to avoid storing your bat in excessive conditions. Excessive heat, moisture or dryness can make your bat brittle. ONLY hit leather baseballs. Do Not hit dimple balls. This isn't specific to G2G, but rather all quality wood bats.