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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Received may bat last week and it was awesome! The only con is that I didn't buy two of them! When on your sight today to purchase another bat and was extremely excited that you guys are now carrying Vulcan Grips! Definitely buying the Old Glory grip with my bat. Keep up the great work and Thank you for providing these amazing bats and more importantly your customer service is rewarding." Tom - Bradenton, FL

"The best bats I have ever bought! The quality of wood and that sound of that bat, is ridiculous. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" Eli - Worcester, MA

"All I can say is WOW!! In the pictures they look amazing but in person, your bats hands down can compete with any big name manufactures out there! The quality is unbelievable! The wood does not dent from hitting baseballs and the sound from hitting the ball speaks for the quality of the wood. Nice job guys and I can see these bats one day in the BIGS! Will not buy any other bat"  Jake - Mesa, AZ

"I want to order more bats from you guys, no kidding I still swing the ones I ordered from last year in February, you guys have some of the best maple I've ever bought"   Raul - San Diego, CA

"I ordered the bat online and I just got it! I ordered the G2G - MT27M and its awesome! Can't wait to go swing it and order another one! Thank you gap to gap for an awesome bat"  Tarence - Baltimore, MD

"Just picked up Daniels new bat. What a beautiful job from Gap 2 Gap Bat Company. Thanks Again!!"  Dan - East Haven, CT

"I happen to come across you guys on Instagram and Facebook and decided to take a chance and buy a bat just by looking at the pictures. I bought the G27 and the bat is awesome! I cant wait to swing it. Thank you G2G. I'm happy you guys will now have a website!!!"  Johnny - East Longmeadow, MA

"I bought the G243 and I love it! Thank you for providing top quality wood that the average person can afford. Thank You! Keep up the great work and I will definitely be buying more".  Brandon - Wethersfield, CT

"The new wood feels beautiful"  Matt - South Windsor, CT

"Not knowing much about wood bats, or bats in general, G2G was referred to me by a friend who purchased a couple of bats from you guys. He swore by them and my son wanted wood bats. So I decided to give G2G a try and bought one bat. I can honestly say as a mom, not educated on wood bats, when I received the bat, my first reaction was "what a beautiful looking bat lol"  My son loves it and have bought several bats since then. I would recommend G2G to any mom who wants to buy wood bats for their kids".  Nancy - Newburgh, NY

"My nephew loves his bats. He can't wait to order another one"  Sheila - Allentown, PA

"Awesome job G2G!! Beautiful bats, great finishes and the quality of the wood without a doubt top of the line. Thank you"  Tom - Melbourne, FL

"One of the best bats I have ever swung! The bat has pop and the sound of the wood is awesome! Great Job, keep them coming."  Peter - Houston, TX

"Bought the G22 for my son and he is completely in love with it. The wood is amazing, and the price you guys are charging makes me a happy dad and customer! Thank you"  Bobby - Manchester, CT

"We received our bats today and they are AMAZING!! Great job! I will be placing more orders in the future that's for sure"  Jose - West Hartford, CT

"Great job G2G! Bats look great, perform amazing, and priced where the average person can buy multiple bats! The quality of the wood, I would put up against any manufacturer that's out there right now. People who are reading this, don't get caught up in higher the price better the product. G2G is a bat company that I will be recommending to everyone the I come across looking to buy premier select wood!" Keep up the great work! Thank you guys"  Mike - Bristol, CT